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When the decision has recently been made to get started on small businesses, the next item on your to-do list is the acquisition of hardware and software to help you to run your business successfully. Within the hardware area, a lot of people are "Macs", and some are "PCs". What a relatively easy decision-it's usually what you prefer or what you're accustomed to using. The small business software decision is more complicated. Where to start? Once again, it is determined by what your business function is and where your business will be located. All businesses, however, need the principles: a contact manager, process management manager, an appointments, anything processing program, an invoicing program, and an accounting program.

Management Software
You can go the conventional route, with a personal computer on the table and an all-in-one office software suite purchased at the neighborhood office supply store; that just might work for your situation. Other than, you still need the other "basics" for the financial accounting part of your business, as well as project management and some way to discuss about information. If you and your staff come into the office each day and basically work in the same space, traditional could become your answer.

These days, however, as the 21st century marche on, more and more people are working either solo, in very small businesses, at home or other off-site locations, or with virtual teams of personnel often vastly separated by time zones and distance. This is where online applications become the best options.

Online contact management software applications can be accessed and updated from anywhere at any time; instantaneously. Contacts and all the information associated with them, such as e-mails, notes, and documents can be shared anytime with others working with the same contact.

Online task management software applications are extremely useful if you have a team much larger than two people working away at the same project and if you are in construction then construction management software is what you need. Rather of relying on email messages to keep everyone up to date on a project's improvement, online project software allows the project manager and everyone on the team to always have the same information at the same time; as well as update individually or in groups in real time.

Online calendars allow for group scheduling features; again updated in real time. Multiple calendars can be integrated so that everyone's schedule is available to everyone else and conflicts are much less likely.

Online word handling programs also allow for easy group edits and tracking of changes. These kinds of programs can also easily be accessed anywhere by anyone who has "permission", and generally are suitable because of free code.

Online invoicing programs allow your clients, with authorization, to access their own accounts and pay online with numerous online repayment gateways. This enables for less questions about billing and faster payments to you personally. Applying checks (or cheques, for my Canadian friends) and snail mail is very five years ago!

Online accounting software has many features and benefits for the SOHO (Small Office House Office) business owner, not the least which is doing bank statement reconciliation, connecting with invoicing and contact management software, and online collaboration with the bookkeeper and/or accountant. I have discovered the continuous updating of economical records and reports open to me with my business accounting software application to be invaluable to myself as I monitor my ever-changing cash flow.

There are numerous online programs available today, so they must do take some time to find the one that meets almost all of your needs. But nearly all applications allow for free trials, and also for easy migration of your data if you would like to change from one program to a new. Unlike traditional software-in-a-box applications, you're not "stuck" and out of hundreds of dollars if your preferences or desires change.

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